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Kases for Kids

Often, when children enter the foster care system they leave a harmful, neglected environment, suddenly and without any possessions. In many instances their only possessions are carried away from home in a plastic trash bag. Kases for Kids is a program providing small suitcases, duffle bags, backpacks or
other small travel bags to these children. These bags are provided with age and gender specific toiletries, towels, stuffed animals, throw blankets, clothing and other items the recipients can call their own.

The Enterprise Lions’ Kases for Kids program utilizes donations to provide these children with some possessions of their own and a bag, complete with their name on an attached luggage tag, in an attempt to provide them with some items they can call their own.

For questions concerning this project or to donate new items to be used in this project, please contact:


Lion Liz Packenham


This is a community service project of the Enterprise Lions Club

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