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Vision Screening

Enterprise Lions participate in Vision Screening for our youth and at-risk populations. Utilizing “The Spot”, an infrared camera that combines auto-refraction and video-retinoscopy, a highly accurate picture of the participants’ eyes can be acquired in as little as five seconds. If the camera detects any abnormalities, a report can be printed and the participant is advised to take their report to their eye
doctor for a complete exam.


Enterprise Lions has worked with our school nurses to provide youth vision screening. We have also worked with other community service organizations to screen Veterans and homeless populations in the Redding area.

For questions or further information regarding this program, please contact:

District 4 –C1, Sight Preservation Chair

Lion Helen Garr

Cell 530 410-4350



Medical Advisor:

Dr. Donald Rhodes, OD

3753 Churn Creek Road  Redding, Ca, 96002

530 222-2500

This is a community service project of the Enterprise Lions Club

What is screened for?

The Spot screens for the following refractive errors and gaze analysis:

  • Astigmatism:  irregularly shaped corneas or lenses

  • Myopia: nearsightedness

  • Hyperopia:  farsightedness

  • Anisometropia: differences between the two eye

  • Strabismus: misalignment of the eyes

  • Amblyopia: lazy eye

  • Anisocoria: pupil size anomalies

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