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Guide Dogs For The Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind provides enhanced mobility to qualified individuals through partnership with dogs whose unique skills are developed and nurtured by dedicated volunteers and a professional staff.

Established in 1942, Guide Dogs for the Blind continues its dedication to quality student training services and extensive follow-up support for graduates. Our programs are made possible through the teamwork of staff, volunteers and generous donors. Services are provided to students from the United States and Canada at no cost to them.

The dogs and puppies are cared for in

meticulous kennels and state-of-the-art

veterinary clinics. Labrador Retrievers,

Golden Retrievers, and Labrador

Retriever/Golden Retriever crosses are

the breeds used. Professional staff and

veterinarians nurture, groom, train and

prepare the dogs for their futures as


The Enterprise Lions Club supports Guide Dogs for the Blind  which provides graduated training

for seeing eye dogs.

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