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Giant American Flag

The Giant American Flag was dedicated on the one year anniversary of 9-11. It is here to honor all those who give service. These are all persons who put themselves in harms way for the good of others, the community or country. On the first anniversary of 9/11 the Flag pole was dedicated in a moving ceremony.  


The Club extremely diligent about using their flags as long as possible, mending minor tears and whatever they can while still maintaining the dignity of the flag. Yet with weather and freeway pollution, the flags often need be replaced up to four times a year.

This is a community service project of the Enterprise Lions Club 

In the nearly eight years since the flag was raised the Lions have had to pay for flag replacement and maintenance cost to the tune of $6,000 per year. So, in 2006, the Lions opened an Endowment with the Community Foundation of the North State with the goal of raising $150,000 to produce an annual payout that will cover the flags maintenance for every year to come. Four years later after receiving thousands of donations from the community - that goal was met!

This endowment fund stays active today with enough funds to keep the Giant American Flag waving above Redding, California in perpetuity. To donate, Contact the Community Foundation at (530) 244-1219

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